first off hello, and welcome to stranded. My name is Aoife. This blog started out being mostly about 2 things:

1) great things* to see and do in Sligo and Dublin

2) great things* I happen upon from all over

It seems Sligo is very good at hiding the good stuff, a comment I get so often from frustrated visitors and house guests that I seem to be sending endless recommendation emails – so the blog seems the best way to go. Stranded hopes to shine a light on some of this good Sligo things to do and see.  As you’ d expect this is a totally subjective, personal blog so it isn’t intended as an exhaustive guide to sligo; there are plenty of tourism sites for that sort of thing. It’s just a mess of things I like. I’m not in sligo as much these days, so some of the posts are a year or two old, but I do pop in and update things on the summary page as I go.

*I love music the most, swiftly followed by doing stuff; events, theatre, shows, exhibitions, markets, talks, comedy gigs, happenings, shopping, eating out and country walks, so you’ll find a lot of that on here. Mostly you’ll find gigs/events that are happening , great new music to listen out for, as well as info on things I hear about, things I get to and things I think you should get to. I’m deeply interested in the possibilities the digital age has opened up, so you’ll find me digressing into conversations about that too.

How to use this Blog?

Best to use the Categories. If you want to find out about sligo things for example click on sligo, or for music filter for music etc etc. Search is pretty good too.

Header image?

That brilliant shot of colour is a crop of a Rosalie Gascoigne art work. click here to read my blog about it/her.


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